Best piece of kitchenware you own

For tracking I have measuring spoons/cups and a scale. I've reached the point where I pretty much weigh everything instead of measuring because I got sick of having to wash so many measuring cups over and over when I can just use one bowl to measure ingredients and weigh everything on one plate at meal time.

I also abuse my crockpot, which is not only great for having dinner ready when you get home but when I just don't feel like cooking I can just throw all the ingredients in and it cooks for me, haha.

I have a lot of knives but have found that I typically use two of them: a small serrated one and a larger smooth one for chopping. I also have two cutting boards, one for meat and one for everything else.

As far as frying pans and pots go... it kind of depends on what you'll be wanting to do. But to give you an idea I have a set of three pots and a set of three frying pans (each set has a small/medium/large size) that I find myself reusing frequently as opposed to digging out more from the back of the cabinet.

Aaaaaand, I had typed out some more stuff but then realized it was long and redundant so I deleted it. Have some bullet points instead:

  • Measuring cups and spoons are necessary for almost any recipe you may try. You can get by with just one set of each if you want.

  • Food scale is a must for accurately measuring meat but I did get by for months just dividing it up into quarters to figure out approximate serving sizes. (Assuming it's a 1lb package.)

  • At least a large knife and a small one. The key here is to keep them sharp, it makes cutting so much easier.

  • Cutting boards. I recommend one that has grip on the bottom and to also make sure they can fit in the dishwasher before you use them for the first time so you can return them if needed.

  • Pots and frying pans: I typically use one frying pan and one pot per meal. (Though this is because I rely on the microwave or oven for most of my vegetables.)

  • Baking sheet if you intend to use the oven. (Some frying pans/pots can go in the oven though if you need.)

  • Spatula/spoon set for cooking on the stove.

  • An oven mitt! Or if you're daring just use a dish towel folded over a few times.

  • A colander would be useful as well for straining pasta or washing vegetables/fruits but not needed to begin with.

  • Crockpots are great but not necessary. I would look up some recipes first to see if it's something you would actually use. They're pretty affordable considering how useful they can be.

Wow. This exploded. I never knew I had so much to say about kitchen utensils. If you have any questions just let me know!

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