Beto O'Rourke, Kirsten Gillibrand to campaign in Michigan on Monday

Openly gay may be a bridge too far still for america but I sorely miss having someone of true intellect in the white house.

I’m from a very conservative area (in fact, the NC district famous for the recently exposed Republican electoral fraud). Our high school mascot was a Confederate soldier, we only briefly learned about evolution in school with the constant caveat that “it’s just a theory,” and I once watched a man have a public meltdown because Charles Darwin was on the cover of a magazine.

However, even here, people are more open-minded than you’d think. Especially when it’s someone like Pete, a veteran who preaches (actual) family values. The people who are dead-set against a gay person aren’t going to vote for a Democrat anyway, trust me.

I tell this story a lot on here, but my dad is a blue-collar Christian who has never been fully comfortable with homosexuality. We saw Pete give a speech when he helped us campaign during the midterms, and my dad was so moved by it that he insisted on personally shaking Pete’s hand and thanking him for his military service. Some people are more willing to change their minds than we give them credit for

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