Biden says the 'right to choose is fundamental,' but is 'not prepared' to call for change to filibuster to protect abortion rights

I'm done with hope. Every opportunity they have been given they've taken a path of compromise or capitation. The fact that both parties have a corporatist agenda prevents any real progress for the American people. I legitimately hate democrats more because they present themselves as progressive then do absolutely nothing about that.

This goes beyond Biden. I'm looking at you Obama. The reality is that Obama's agenda was pretty much an extension of bushes. Guantanamo, warrantless spying, drone program, deportation rate, revisionist corporate tax benefits, bailouts without accountability policies were all an extension of bushes.

I'm tired of hearing that our only hope is that of a handful of Democrats that take all progressive options off the table before starting every discussion.

And yes. That translates to my voting. I openly toss my vote away for presidental candidates at this point by voting 3rd party. Want to fix that? Promote ranked choice.

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