Blockade protests show signs of falling into cycle of crackdown and escalation

At least they are willing to stand up and fight for what they think is right. White people have sat back gotten fat and watched as our rulers have Lied , Cheated , Stolen , Raped , Murdered and gotten richer and richer polluting the Earth all along the way. We complain online about stagnant wages , lack of affordable housing , dangerous roads , uncaring and militant police and the poor getting poorer. We blame the government or Trump for the things we elected them to do , our taxes pay for our oppression and the harm of others around the world.

We stole this land and the people we stole it from are still there they never became us as much as we tried to force them to be. They are still right here in our face another inconvenient truth and shame for us all and watching lilly white college age kids carry off a protestor that has a history that these people do makes me sick.

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