Can anyone help me analyze where I went wrong?

Hey man, i've looked over your game in detail, and i can tell you this: You were the mvp of the game. I've only looked over the laning phase, but i can tell from the dotabuff that you played ok, and that the entire game fell apart because you let it get too late vs. a faceless lich combo. You let it get too late because razor never had the ability to use his hero properly because lion failed to zone out venomancer, so venomancer zoned out razor. I've looked over your laning phase, cause with only 4 deaths, your mid and late game was fine tbh. CBA to look over mid and late game.

Laning -

None of you leave base until 30 seconds till 00:00. You have a full minute, you may as well use it :)

I hated your starting build, always get stats (some gg branches). But you won the 1st few waves pretty heavily, so no biggie. :)

Your creep block needs work mate, sf could have had no creeps for like 3 waves if you did that better than him :)

Last hitting after you got the sf - You had no enemy hero's near you and they were all on the map, just go for it, or use the arse end of the haste rune to get bottom rune. Also, you're erly early game last hitting needs a /little/ work, at level 7 and 8, you were going ok.

If sf was better, you would have died like 3 times, always stay above 3/4 health vs. that hero.

at 10 mins, you wnt on 2 with a DD. WP with that, but you used so much mana to no get 2 kills. As a es, if you have a hero in your chains that you know you can kill, don't use sleight of fist, save it for if they escape. If you had used sleight to avoid the stun from centaur, e z 2 kills, and then you go gank and save the horrible disaster that toplane had become by that point.

Realisticly, fuck all you could have done to win more, while taking into account that everyone is in a similar skill bracket. But yeah, doneski.

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