I can dig it.

I am happy to see “liberals” advocate for gun rights.

But the reality is that the party I’m assuming you vote for, literally states in their platform that they want to ban the most common guns for “safety”. It is very likely that if the Democrats end up having a senate majority we would definitely see an AWB 2.0, no sunset clause, and who knows what other crazy unconditional bullshit...

So now the most interesting part is that the party you call “authoritarian” will most definitely win the election in 4 years in this scenario, especially given that the recent races were pretty close and it’s clear a blue wave is not what the majority of people wanted.

If the Dems lose to these “authoritarians”, would they reverse the bans and whatever other restrictions on the 2A? Well if they’re authoritarians then why should they? The Dems can be the scapegoat and you will see no real action to restore 2A. Congratulations now you have effectively disarmed a populace and opened the door for some real authoritarians!

Don’t spend your time posting replies to this, do yourselves a favor and write your reps, no matter their party and let them know the 2A and the entire constitution is should never be a party issue. It should be something we all agree on, after all it’s the part of foundation of our country.

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