An Inconvenient Truth about Mass Shootings.

Sensationalism, mixed with high stress of failing higher education, high living costs, and the lack of easy-to-reach opportunities plus an economy that is shrinking the middle class. I think there are many factors into what is happening in the USA, the big ones is a struggling society that is NOT used to struggling.

I am not old but I remember not even 14 years ago that earning about $12~ an hour could get you into an apartment with a room mate. Or you could live in further communities or shadier parts of town, and get an apartment for under $700 on your own.

The point is: it was livable, and quite frankly comfortable compared to other countries. Was it hard, yes. But right now it's plain impossible in my area or even in the places that I used to live. And unfortunately relocating takes times and money.

The best and only argument I hear from people is: Get a better job but unfortunately those good jobs are not enough in numbers by any stretch of the imagination to fill the entire USA with livable wages.

Example: Based on May 2021 National Occupational /Wage Stats:

60,284,180 jobs out of 140,886,310 pay $15 or less. There's about another 17 million in the pay range between $15, and $17.80~ (my state's hourly livable wage).

This is approximately 42.78% of jobs available making less than $15/hr.

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