What is your one (gun) that got away? Meaning, was there ever a unique or special gun you had an opportunity to pick up, but you didn't, and now you can't find it again?

For me it’s my first gun: an old Belgian Hi-Power in immaculate-condition I picked up for $500 back when I was a teenager. I shot and carried it more than anything else, and had to sell it to pay tuition when I was starting college. But the bright side is I sold it to someone I knew, and before he passed away I found out who he’d sold it to. So once I have enough disposable income to afford it, the hunt will begin!

The other was a 1939 Colt 1911 that was brought home by the Army Officer who carried it in Europe, then he had it fully engraved and was a decorative piece until he passed away and it was sold at an estate sale. A friend of mine picked it up but wasn’t looking to keep it, and I couldn’t afford it and had to pass.

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