Is this sub in favour of any gun control

I generally do not agree with restricting firearms by type. All firearms are dangerous in the wrong hands... even a bolt action 22. If you can’t trust someone with a gun, you can’t trust someone a gun. Period.

There is also no such thing as a “stock that turns semi-automatics into full autos”, despite what President Bump Stock would have you believe.

I could get behind firearms licensing provided it really followed the drivers licensing model. Specifically:

  • licensing is only necessary to operate (i.e., carry) in public, but is not necessary to purchase
  • licensing guidelines are federal, but left up to states to implement
  • licenses are reciprocal across all states
  • licensing guidelines are based on proficiency tests, but not any specifically mandated classes or training
  • licensing is not in any way need-based or subject to the whims of local officials (e.g., no CLEO sign-off)
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