Leftist woman in her 30’s here; never owned a gun before. Have been considering since 2016 but have complicated issues with firearms from my childhood. It’s odd to say I feel a little safer after finding this sub and seeing such a presence and am continuing to learn from it.

Hope this isn’t too leftist for this sub but I’ve been most inspired by the Panthers and the female Zapatistas (and I’m a white woman... lol.)

I was raised in a racist fucking conservative small town and all the gun owners I knew I did not align with almost anything I stood for (that I was aware of.)

I had a lot of family who were hunters and planned their year around hunting seasons and I was a vegetarian as a kid and was made fun of.

I’m trying to make sense of it all, and I’m working up the courage to ask the same trusted family member (who I had so many issues with as a kid but we have worked through them over the last decade) to take me to the range again.

How does your fiancé feel now?

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