Canada's Trudeau: Iran plane victims would be alive had there been no regional tensions

I live in Edmonton, the Canadian city that was hit the hardest by this tragedy. I've seen so much grief, pain, and sadness from this. I'm heartbroken, as are many here.

Iran and Trump are both culpable for this. We can split the hair on how much of the burden of guilt one side wears compared to the other, but we can't ever shy away from the fact it takes two to tango. There are many facts still being wrung out from the event and, as with all news now of days, there is much false information we all need to be weary of.

It is incredibly hard for me to engage constructively on this topic, as I am so personally compromised from it, but please let us all do our best not to fall into anger.

My community is suffering, as is my country, as are many other countries -- including Iran.

These victims were visiting their home country for the winter holidays, to see their family and loved ones. They were newly weds, families, PHD candidates, and University professors. Some of the brightest our frozen city of Edmonton had to offer.

Empathy and de-escalation is not just something our politicians need it practice, it is something we all need to. I've seen too many broken families over the past handful of days.

We are all in this together.

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