Canadian Father Trapped in Dominican Republic.

Right, because telling the the son/daughter that their father is screwed and trapped is great advice right? God damn, whats with people on reddit? I have done all my research, I know all about COVID-19 as I like to stay up to date with what is going on around me, but I am shocked with how many people lack human decency on here. Sure, OP's father made a mistake, but all these negative opinions are not advice for OP/their father. Secondly, I actually did post advice on what the father might be able to do but maybe you lack some attention to detail. OP wasn't looking for the damn facts, you idiot, they were looking for advice, not disrespectful assholes like you to start pointing out what they messed up on. Even if you are in fact right that OP's father can't get home, I'm sure that is not what OP wants to hear (obviously). So either give some advice that might help get OP's father out of there or STFU. It's really simple, but that might be difficult for attention seeking individuals like yourself who need to be giving their unproductive opinions for literally everything.

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