Civil liberties group warns of 'invasion of privacy' after Ontario gives police COVID-19 test data

I remember, there was a news conference sometime toward the end of February about one of the Ontario's early presumptive cases about a woman who arrived from China from specifically Hubei/Wuhan and they went on and on about her symptoms and non-stop cough and how when she got to Toronto, she called Telehealth and they advised her to go to hospital which she eventually did.

And I watch that and not a word about the rest of the people form that flight, did anyone follow up with the rest of them, any communication back to Pearson Airport and the crew. There had to be just by simple probablity at least few more people who came from same place, probably had mild symptoms and many probaly caught the virus in a 14 hour flight.

No follow up, no consideration, no worries, eh?

What kind of morality and ethics teaches it's better to die than share flight data and follow up with people?

But I think even the Government - and I've been noticing this even with other things like sexual predators, teachers who had contact with underage students, executives from companies with faulty products - everything is a privacy issue now. "Privacy" is now this big ideological word behind which you can hide almost anything.

Well, at this point, fuck you and your civil liberties.

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