Can't stand working

Yeah dude, work fucking sucks, always felt that way too, tried the Military and chill jobs like Lifeguarding to break the monotony of the grind but it all ends up sucking my soul away eventually.

Here's a great song about it; MDC - I hate work

I quit working about 5 years ago. I live out of a backpack and play music and find weirdos to chill with and just move around anytime it gets boring where I'm at.

Kinda sucks now since I don't pay taxes and have no saving and no income, and nobody is picking up hitchhikers right now, but outside of pandemics life has been good. A few really solid friends in a few major cities goes a Looooooooong way.

When this crap is all over you should try life without working, if you enjoy socializing, have some ingenuity, and would prefer uncomfortable and unsafe situations over boredom, It's a blast.

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