[Challenge] European Accountability Challenge: February 11th, 2021

Good Morning Europe!

Yesterday was good - stuck to my 1200/1400 cals and got in a very long walk.

I had a very nice NSV yesterday when I looked at some progress pics NSFW, but 2lbs can make a big difference! I realise that I don't have a huge amount to lose, so it's going to take time, but I'm so glad that I spent a couple of weeks lurking and picked up the tips to take pictures because it really put the wind back in my sails to keep making healthy choices.

Today is still snowy and my tailbone is still bruised so I'll be having a wee rest day and doing some sewing. I have loads of hobbies so I don't let myself get bored, but I'm honestly mentally climbing the walls at not being back in a work routine. UK furlough pay is really substantial, but because of my industry it only amounts to about 40% of my wage and I have seriously run down my savings. I JUST WANT TO WORK, and also want to keep people safe and healthy so it's a rough way to be right now. So grateful that I have furlough. So glad we're saving lives and have the opportunity to stay home. Still makes me put my head in my hands every day.

It can't last forever! Have a good day everyone!

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