Chapter 264 - Pre-Release Thread

There's no way Hawks can leave this place safe and sound when he's up against both Twice and Dabi, but he's acknowledged or come to the realization that heroes, including him, are the scum here and he thinks Twice is the good person. Hawks is a victim of the hero safety commission, forced into military from childhood because he had the talent and was poor, so I think it's pretty likely he's always realized that the system is bad and is yearning for freedom. Hawks was being truthful when he told Jin that the world he longed for in the past turned out to be a trapping cage, the place where he doesn't belong. He wants to fly freely. Dabi will probably try to take advantage of Hawks by dropping the truth about Endeavor, which will be the last straw for Hawks to side with put the commission behind for good and side with the villains for good. I think the "fall of Hawks" would make sense and it's a much more interesting development than a death (which I doubt would is a fate that would befall one of the most popular characters).

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