Chelsea Manning says she's been denied entry into Canada

It's because a lot of trans people do express open hate towards heterosexual people, or binary individuals, and that white men are the reason all people are discriminated against.

Literally the person who made the queer/trans buns mental health zone left the regular bunz mental health zone because they were being triggered by OTHER people being called he/she.

I'm happy for them, they has a safe space, but inclusivity is not what most trans people want.

Before you all flame, I am apart of the LGBTQ community but I am a tall, blonde, white male that dresses masculine and I identify as he/him/male - by birth.

Like honestly; most trans people are more concerned with blaming others for all of their problems, even if it's not a gender based issue.

Canadians are welcoming, as long as you are. Most trans do not want to have an open dialogue unless you're non-binary, LGBTQ and an intersectional feminist.

And I have been discriminated against being a white male that identifies as such, but I don't go into my safe space and cry. I take it in, generally ignore the person, and remember there are bigger issues, economic and social, to worry about then gender nomenclature.

You use the wrong gender term and trans people break down and say they hate just about everyone who isn't them - that's why.

If you're born the sex you don't want to be, and change it, great. Just don't think a rich Jewish girl from a rich Jewish neighborhood even remotely understands real hardship (the person who made the group). Like being of colour, being native, or being a refugee - just to start.

Have already seen two things today along those lines"heterosexual sex makes me sick" and "white men should be euthanized" Both comments by trans.

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