Chicago, Detroit are least prepared for next recession, new Moody’s Investors report says

Nah, probably a protégé of tucker carlson.

Nicholas Carlson: Who'd you vote for and which party are you registered to?

Tucker Carlson: I don't want to give the party thing because it's actually misleading. I never vote so that's the truth. I didn't vote this time, I never do. "Then you don't have the right to give your opinion" — yeah, I do. And in fact, I do.

I'm registered with a party that I sincerely despise because I think it's really a force for bad in this country and it's the Democratic party. But I'm registered because I live in the district, it's a one-party state and the one election I always vote in is the mayor's race because it matters. I own property there, I race for children there. If you live in the city, I think it's worth voting for an election so I always do.

I always vote for the more corrupt candidate over the idealist. Always. The person who will just like be happy taking payoffs from developers and leave me alone. This is like a meaningful decision in my life. Every four years, there's some guy who's like, "I'm going to make your life better!" I vote against that person every single time. You know what I mean? It's usually some progressive candidate who's got big plans for me, and so, I just vote for the status quo, corrupt criminal operation that runs the city and I'm really happy with that.

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