Chinese women are 'fatter' than ever before. But most have no idea how to exercise - and would rather take diet pills, fast and play on their phones instead

It's definitely not better, diabetes is now more common in China than in Mexico or the USA, in 2013 11% of Chinese suffered from diabetes. One big difference that is seen is because of the type of diet Chinese girls have, they don't always look obese, but they still have large body fat percentages because of the lack of real exercise and a healthy balanced diet. Just because they don't have an ass the size of a small planet, or huge fat rolls doesn't mean they are any more or less healthy. Most people in the West are educated to know you need to break a sweat to be exercising, but most Chinese don't understand proper exercise for dieting.

Mass generalising. And very ironic for a Murican to be pontificating about what's healthy and what's not.

Also, I agree with you about the oily foods. The oiliest foods are also the cheapest to buy and lack fresh meat and nutritional veggies, and Chinese are busy so they like to eat this cheap fast food. The well-off families have ayis or nainai do the cooking to ensure it is healthy, but most Chinese can't afford an ayi to cook traditional meals. Also the younger crowd love a couple baozi or mantou with zero nutritional value for breakfast, like to stop in Gong Cha to get a fatty, sugary milk tea during a rest, and on the way home grab a 7-11 curry fish ball snack, which all adds up.

Cooking at doesn't mean it's healthy. All of those 'diet shows' featuring fat fucks, they're asked about their diet. They all cook at home, but they cook crap. For example you cook a 'healthy' curry, pasta or stir fry, the sauce alone is loaded with sugar and salt. And how do you even trust the oil your using really is what it says it is?

On the subject of 'oily foods', this is just a style of Chinese cooking certain provinces, where may food and veg is always very oily. I love it. And if you're talking about 'nutritional veggies', everything you cook (yeah even if you cook yourself) loses the vast majority of its vitamins and nutrition upon being subject to high temperatures.

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