CIA document reveals UK willing to nuke Middle East to keep Russia hands off ME (1950s)


The Suez Canal completely caught us off-guard. It infuriated us, not only because we didn't so much as even get a warning about such a major operation beforehand that could lead to a war we'd be the ones running in Western Europe, but also because we were, at that exact moment, trying to bait away Arab states from the Soviet Sphere & into ours.

We threatened to crash the financial systems of both France & the United Kingdom by calling in all the Marshall Plan loans at once & flooding the world market with British Pounds and French Francs, basically crashing their currencies overnight, if they didn't withdraw.

We threatened to cut off all financial aid to Israel (a good $100 million) and begin applying serious economic sanctions if they didn't withdraw, while also telling them we wouldn't

We told all three that they would be denied loans they desperately needed from the IMF if they didn't withdraw....when all of them were presently applying for loans from the IMF....

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