CMV: BLM Riots Were Worse Than The Capital Riot

I feel that trying to compare a series of riots that stemmed from mostly peaceful protests occuring over years to an insurrection attempt that last for a day is a comparison in bad faith.

I won't deny that some BLM protests turned violent, and that it wasn't solely outside agitators; people turn to violence as a means to an end and as a response to frustration. That's how people work, and I find it disingenuous to say "these are all outside agitators who aren't BLM."

However, I cannot convince you of anything if you feel both groups are both unjustified in their aims; unchecked police brutality is a reality, whereas Trump's election fraud claims were not. The reasoning matters. You should not claim that and unreasonable conclusion stemming from conspiracy theories, fermented by our former president in a power grab, has the same standing as power drunk police getting away scot free except in the most egregious cases of misconduct.

To which I do think that while there has been misinformation among BLM protestors and unreasonable aims, that their outrage is at least understandable and has truth to it.

With the insurrection riots? It is a startling culmination of anti-intellectualism and a lack of critical thought.

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