CMV: It's ok to use the n word if you don't live in America, not white and has no ancestor that relates to slavery of black people

But it's not about the reasoning. If an african american person using 'nigger' is ok and white american person not due to history then non-american non-white person using the n word ( not towards an african american but using in songs or calling a friend who is not african american) is also should be ok. If you said 'n word is an ugly word that shouldn't be used by anyone' that I can understand but you are not saying this. I can understand the word is heavy and I'm totally against white americans using it btw but I don't see a problem when non-american non-whites uses it. Also one side note about the example 'cracker'. I don't see a lot of white people refer their white friends as 'crackers' or 'hey my cracker what's up!' but again it's not the main point of the discussion

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