To Collect Debts, Nursing Home Is Seizing Control Over Patients

A long time ago I was volunteering at a nursing home. It was a school thing. It was... difficult but it wasn't unbearable. Near the end of my stay under their program I was asked to switch out the sheets of this one fellow's room.

This fellow has dementia. I was wary, but I hadn't heard anything about violence from this patient, and he wouldn't be on this floor if he was violent. I keep stripping his bed so that I can change the sheets, but after I leaned forward to pick up the new set of sheets he grabbed me from behind. He started groping me and saying all kinds of disgusting shit. He wanted to rape me and if he wasn't a scrawny old man who couldn't even control his bowel movements he probably would have been better equipped to do so.

I got the fuck out of there and made damn sure they knew what happened, then I left and I didn't come back. The kicker here is that after I had left they decided to pull out the straps, full restraint. They looked into his history and it turns out that his family had failed to inform them that in his 30s he had raped at least 8 women over the course of 6 years. He'd apparently harassed a couple of the staff as well, but it wasn't reported until after I came forward.

They go in to his room to switch up his bed's gear, he was supposed to be having some tests done at the time so the room was supposed to be empty. They fucked up the schedule and he was in the bathroom instead of where he was supposed to be. They had sent a pair down there, a man and a woman. The man was outside in the hall, and she was the one that went in first to hook up the straps.

I'm sure you know how this ends. She screams, he goes in to help her, and they get him strapped into the bed. He died two weeks later, and I'm told that in general, none of the staff were saddened by his departure.

Old people. They can be really fucked up or the sweetest things. I hope someone puts me out of it before I get dementia, because when I was young I was pretty fucked up myself. The last thing I want is to regress back to my teenage years. That wouldn't be good, and I wouldn't be safe.

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