Hook spin on short chips/ pitches.

I dont mind spinning it against the break. Im not sure how much of an affect it has on the final outcome but it gives me a feeling that it wont get away from me after it rolls out. But if you cant learn how to create cut spin and feel you have more control with your draw bias then just learn how to account for it.

The only thing I would think is that if you had a severe break to the left and you chip it up there with draw spin it will tend to roll WITH the break and may get away from you and roll too far past the hole. If you can create cut spin into that same shot im assuming it would hold its line a little better because you're hitting it AGAINST the break.

So it depends on whats in front of you really and this should be your final decision on what spin to create. But if you only have one shot then id say stick with it and learn how to account for those severe breaks.

In fact, I was out chipping 20-30 yard shots earlier tonight and Id say 90% of the time i hit it WITH the break because i was having it land just before a little knuckle and then allowing it to roll to the left a couple feet before it stopped. I actuially made 2 or 3 of them doing it this way. I didnt try drawing or cutting it. I just hit it with relatively straight spin and adjusted my aim, allowing for the break. And for me, on that particular shot because the break wasnt severe i was able to get it close most of the time.

So it depends on what youre working with on the green really. But if you can only draw it in there then realize youll have to account for those right to left breaks and will have to aim further right. To me, getting cute with those shots isnt necessary and so i just hit straight spinning shots most of the time but thats not to say i never try to cut or draw it in there. But do whatever you're comfortable with. Theres always more than one way to skin a cat when you are chipping it onto the green. I would say in this case its more preference than anything else.

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