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My problem with the post-match threads is that the actual criticism of play and the performance of players is always that of intense negativity. Never is praise given for performance in parts of the game, simply winning and losing is all that matters. The weakest player on the losing team is always singled out and literally destroyed for his mistakes, while any plays he does make are neglected.

Look at yesterdays CLG vs TL thread, everyone completely blamed link for game 1 and Xsmithie for game 2. I didn't bother looking for who was blamed for game 3, it was probably the whole team. Everyone completely shit on CLG despite them starting well in both game 1 and 2, making smart plays and trades until the single throw which turned the game around. CLG made a lot of really good rotations and had a couple really good teamfights, but in both games 1 mistake essentially lost them the game.

Yes, criticism is fair. To say Link played poorly in game 1 is fair, to call him complete trash and should kill himself? That's just unnecessary. When Xsmithie missed his Sejuani ultimate at the dragon fight in game 2 I already knew people would be clamoring for him to be benched or kicked, neither fair assessments to the player for his mistakes.

Once CLG lost the first two games I already knew it was over, their morale was crushed and the LCS studio was either cheering for TL or laughing at CLG. No crowd attempts to cheer them up, no chants, nothing. The support for some of these teams is completely bullshit, when they do well it's the golden age and when they are playing poorly it's the end of the world and CLG should disband. The toxicity is insane, the fans attitudes are worse than in pro sports.

I'm not surprised that this attitude is commonplace. I grew up with CoD and Halo on Xbox, the 360, and PS3 and peoples attitudes were always shitty. When I started playing league I saw the exact same thing, except for some reason it was even worse. There is no friendliness in games, if you play badly someone will always tilt you and not support you. Even I am guilty of this, but when I do I try my best to be supportive and constructive with my words, not "you're so shit, reported".

Anyways that's my rant for today, I understand it's not always this way and sometimes there are good people out there, but my experience is they are few and far between.

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