Crime on the rise in almost half of all boroughs in London

A few weeks ago I came home from doing some shopping. I'm the big waddling type pregnant now, and I really had to pee. I dropped the groceries, ran upstairs to pee, as I was coming back downstairs I got a text message from someone so I sat on my bottom few steps to reply. I heard a van outside my house, I have one of those doors where the window is frosted glass so you can only vaguely see whats going on out there. I looked up and I could see some shapes moving around out there. I went back to my text message and as I was about to stand up I noticed the shape was moving towards my door. The next thing I knew he was opening my door and about to walk in. My brain decided that when choosing between fight or flight, fight was a better method so I started screaming at the guy. Hurling "who do you think you are" and "why are you in my house" type things at him. Between my screams at him he said he was trying to deliver a package but suspiciously he did not have a package with him. I told him that normal delivery drivers just knock, they don't open people's doors. When I asked for his name and where he worked he ran away. I chased him down (I'm apparently not very good at burglars) and took pictures of him and his van. I called the met to file a report. When what happened finally settled on my brain I began to have a panic attack and had to call my husband to come home.

When the police officers came to speak to me, they told me that the guy's van wasn't registered, which they explained could have been because it was new. They said they would try to track him down and find out what was going on.

I never heard from them again. It was over a month ago and I never heard anything from anyone. I felt like my report wasn't treated that seriously. Why bother even reporting things like that if no one does anything? It was a waste of my time. Meanwhile I'm not absolutely terrified and have begun to check my doors a hundred times to make sure they're locked. I've gone to work to get to the train station only to turn back to make sure I locked my door.

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