CTH is every day full of new violent public calls to murder and mass genocide, highly upvoted on daily basis, however Reddit admins break their own rules to protect them at any cost

I mean, there are real National Socialists, though. They do exist, even if the founding party was defunct 74 years ago. They are ideals and beliefs, like anything else. It's just that the smart ones, who actually do believe in racial separatism, national borders, eugenics, the 2000 year Jewish conspiracy, traditional values, and other societally unacceptable notions, keep their mouths shut. I want to point out that they do exist in real life, but they by and large lie to everyone's faces, meet in secret with their fellows, and are biding their time because they truly don't care to change people's opinions if those people aren't already inclined towards a more National Socialist view, and they are simply going to accrue soft power, via financial, political, and demographic channels, and they are planning to have tons of children and change the minds of the next generations. You will never know that someone is a National Socialist either. Usually they'll claim that they're centrist or independent, which is their way of getting around a straight answer. If they were honest with you about certain things, they might actually say that "homosexuality is a degenerate behavior and should be criminalized," or "the Holocaust didn't happen as it was told, but it should have," or "each ethnic group should have a country to themselves." Shit like that.

I agree with you, I just don't want people to think that simply because the left overabuses the word nazi that there aren't actually people out there who continue to hold such beliefs.

Society hunted nazis to the ends of the earth, but mein kampf still lines library and bookstore shelves, and the ones concerned with future survival either changed their minds or went into hiding, as normal as ever, only to come out when they thought society had reached the point of no return.

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