[Daily Goal] Day 55 - March 26th

Yesterday was good. I've been weirdly tired, but I got to hang out with a friend and we made "Naughty" Brownies (Chocolate chip cookie on the bottom, Oreo in the middle, Brownie on top). They are for a potluck she has today, so we didn't eat any! Which is a mini-miracle in and of itself. I steamed some clothes and all the wrinkles are gone. It was a magical moment for me. I don't know why I didn't really believe that it worked, when tons of people do it and why would they sell steamers if it didn't even work? But I didn't believe, and now I've seen it and it's awesome. It's like a new hobby. I'm going to be cleaning the bathroom with my new steamer this weekend, and I'm super excited. To clean. Who would ever be excited to clean?

Today started out hectic. I had texts from my parents starting at like 6:30 this morning. So that website I set up over the weekend? My dad decided today he wanted everything to go live (including the store), that he wanted business cards and all kinds of things. So somehow I got it all set up during one of my breaks. Plus, I spent an hour commuting to work (they rerouted my bus through the place with the most traffic in my area. I left early knowing this, and I was still late! It didn't even drop off near where I needed to be, so I had to walk ~1.5 miles. Better than walking the whole 4 to work, although it would have taken me about the same amount of time haha). And now that I have it all up and posted on all the social media, I'm starting to get nervous. I can't imagine that I've done something wrong that I won't be able to fix quickly, but it just happened so fast! I'm so proud of my dad for committing to this. I think it probably had to happen quickly or he'd have changed his mind. Well! There's no turning back now!

  • Up by 7:45AM - Still having trouble waking up. Crap. Quarter starts Monday.

  • Vitamins and stuff

  • Website

  • Work, work, work

  • Work out - I think I need a good run or some yoga at the very, very least tonight

  • Steam blocking - if I have time

  • Stick to calorie goal

//Chains: 10k steps [0]; MFP [216]

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