Daily Newbie Thread - March 25

So I went to a 2nd avenue thrift store in the Philadelphia region, and walked in and started looking at the videogames available behind the glass stands. A woman near me had a PlayStation 1 in her cart and was ready to buy it for her son (apparently it's his birthday). She asks the attendant to look at the PlayStation 3 as well (just the console) and I see the price of it ($10!). She looks at it for about 5+ minutes putzing around with talking to herself and the store attendant.

I say to the attendant that I would like to buy it, and i try to express to the lady that it is without a controller and a game so she would still have to go out and buy more as well as it being possibly damaged because it was priced so low.

She becomes belligerent with me and accuses me of trying to pry it away from her and claims that she was there first.

Some managers come to hear both sides and she becomes even more enraged to the point of picking up the console and rushing to the register to pay for it to which no one makes a real attempt to stop her.

The managers shrug and tell me that she indeed was there first to which I'm okay with but ticked that I was treated so poorly for making my case and attempting to point out she's buying an incomplete product. If I bought it and it's broken, at least I have contacts to fix it or sell it for parts.

Do I have a case here? I don't mind not getting the bargain but I am a little mad on how I was treated by the respective lady and management.

Important detail: I am a young white man while this lady much older and was African-American.


I expressed that I wanted to buy a cheap PS3 while someone else was looking at it but she claimed she was going to buy it even though she only said she that until I expressed interest.

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