Date of birth of European countries (explanation in comments) [OC] [834x642]

Is it really so hard to do a simple fact check. There are some comments people posted already indicating some of the issues with your map.

A quick rundown of incorrect countries: * Portugal - wrong, the date on the map implies second country (that's is why it is second, as there was first before that). * United Kingdom - wrong, Irish Free State Constitution Act was passed in 1922 making the UK in the shape it currently is; if you want beginning of the union, then it was May 1st, 1707; Wales did not exist before 1057; formation of Northern Ireland is hard to date at all - first mentions about Celts are from Greco-Roman world, kingship ~7th century, Kingdom 1542, Government of Ireland Act 1920. * Ireland - wrong, see Northern Ireland, probably most correctly should be referred to the Kingdom of Ireland * Germany - its complicated, but date of 962 should be considered as well. * Austria - wrong, Austrian Empire 1804; Margraviate of Austria, Duchy of Austria and Archduchy of Austria were part of something else so it cannot be considered as an independent state. * Norway - damn vikings, unification 872 * Sweden - fuzzy data, consolidation(The Kingdom of Sweden) 10th century(???), Swedish Empire 1611 * Estonia - independence de facto 1918, de jure 1920 * Latvia - independence de facto 1918, de jure 1921 * Check Republic - sorry, but Duchy of Bohemia(870-1198) was part of Great Moravia, if you count Kingdom of Bohemia then it's 1198, otherwise it is 1993 after split of Czechoslovakia * Montenegro - this is so dodgy, but I guess Zeta can be (?) considered as a full pledged country (input from a more knowledgeable source could be used here); otherwise the independence was in 1910 * Ukraine/Russia - ok, small note here, Kievan Rus' was predecessor of both Ukraine AND Russia; little analogy - there was Kingdom of Goryeo (Korea) created in 936, and now there is N-Korea and S-Korea - now the question is who of the two current Koreas gets the birth-date of 936, or both of them get 1948 when they split? * Ukraine - Kingdom of Ruthenia was formed in 1199 (but can it really be considered as the true origing of the current Ukraine?), Ukrainian National Republic 1917 * Russia - Tsardom of Russia 1547, Grand Duchy of Moscow cannot be considered as the old Russia country as current Russia consists of what ought to be Novgorod Republic, Grand Duchy of Tver, Great Perm, Principality of Ryazan which were added way past 1453. * Azerbaijan - can Shirvan during Shirvanshah reign, starting 799, be considered? (may be corrected here) * Cyprus - it's complicated, but as a state - definitely after 1959 * Iraq - Mesopotamia can easily be a candidate * Lebanon - Phoenicia 1200-539BC * Monaco, Algeria and Tunis - well, they were just people there (Berbers) who lived there peacefully until Carthaginian came, then Arabs and then Europeans; so the notion of these countries is hard to define until after their independence in 1956 (Morocco, Tunis) and 1962(Algeria)

I probably skipped something, but this was a quick rundown. Anyway, I am able to provide sources to the above (just can't be currently bothered to waste a day on this), can you?

There are some things that you want to think about when making such maps.

To be precise - define what you mean by the BoD of countries - independance, de jure, de facto, some other vague statement (e.g. people had been living here, now they are part of such country), first name occurance in histroy of a specific country (still ambiguous); this is to avoid confustion with countries like the UK, Russia/Ukraine, Koreas, etc.

Up-to-date map - time goes on, borders change (i.e. Georgia, Ukraine)

Be consistent - if you say of Europe, then there is no need to include Africa; is all of the Middle east depicted in your map really in Europe?

Moreover, I do understand that the time periods are signified by certain dates/events, but you must be more specific - if there is an event at (e.g.) 1453, to which period it belongs - 1000-1453 or to 1453-1815? In addition, you want to split 1950-2015 into smaller partitions: post WW2, USSR collapse, and nowadays (i.e. Kosovo). Finally, you do want to not include the current year as it is still ongoing and new changes may occur.

TL;DR: there is no tl;dr

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