Dear 30+ year olds, what would you tell people in their 20s?

During your middle to late 20’s is when your brain is truly reaching developmental maturity.

During this time is the best time to practice and cement healthy practices, cognitive behavioral practices, self love, engage in therapy and create the best baseline for mental health for yourself if you still need some help.

Your brain is never done learning a day in your life; but if you’ve struggled with negative thoughts & behaviors brought on by chemical and developmental processes, as your brain is close to finishing ‘overarching’ growth is a prime time to work on and correct harmful behaviors. You won’t be fighting against an onslaught of bodily developments and can make some of the most impactful moments molding the clay of your psyche right before it’s cast for finishing.

There is always a lifetime to strive to find your wellness of mind and body, but I swear all my epitomes happened 25-28. I still have depression, I still have anxiety, I still have suicidal intrusive thoughts, but I’m not crippled or held captive in my body by a negative mindset the way I was from 11-24. I wanted to be better before but I’d swear to say my body literally wasn’t ready or able to put into practice all the help I sought before and felt like my tires spun in the mud and I was left in a ditch for years. Then someday my neuroplasticity changed and everything just clicked into place.

Don’t give up searching for mental wellness. Life won’t always be easy, or kind, or fair, or just; but mental fortitude is a game changer for weathering the ups & downs of life. Don’t settle for your own thoughts holding you back.

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