Did anyone here get into any higher ranked/prestigious colleges but ultimately chose Rutgers?

Got accepted to these schools for engineering:

  • Princeton
  • U of Penn
  • Dartmouth
  • Rutgers

Keep in mind, schooling was 100% covered at all schools, so financials played no role.

  • Princeton - Performed poorer in real world competitions and many top companies preferred RU students (more hands on; wider network of professionals)
  • U of Penn - Found out poor kids were predominantly ostrisized and scholarships magically dry up 3 years in. Not risking it. Too many poor students confirmed the same thing.
  • Dartmouth - Loved the campus/outdoors; people were fucking weird. Really weird. It might've been a bad day when I visited but it didn't feel right.

All in all,

  • Rutgers - Wider network of engineering professionals, great balance of hard work and partying, great sports to watch/partake in, convenient drive away, many industry engineers preferred RU due to their hands on experience many schools lacked, and the professors my years were considered phenomenal.
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