Did anyone’s ex abandon them in times of need?

All the time. A few instances that come to mind are leaving me alone to miscarry while we went to his parents house, not picking me up from the hospital after having an emergency appendectomy, and making everything worse when my mother was dying of cancer.

When she was dying, he would constantly kick me out of the house and break up with me and tell me to go live with my mother. After she died, we were going to pick up some of her things two hours away. He got mad at me and pulled his car over on the interstate and screamed at me to get the fuck out. I was holding my senior dog who was terrified. My mom hasn’t even been dead a month. When we eventually got to my mothers house, he sat in the corner and played the guitar (poorly) while my brother, sister in law and myself packed my moms things. It was already so traumatic watching my mother die in the span of 3 months, but to have this man child telling me what a worthless piece of shit I was only made me more traumatized.

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