Did people really kill themselves over the OneDirection Breakup?

I can only respond by analogy and some empathetic understanding.

When we lost Jerry Garcia, I, and millions like me, were shattered. Devastated. Extraordinarily mournful. Upon hearing the news and later at the many vigils across the country, tears were openly shed and there were vast emotional outpourings from people of every age. We all knew the music would never stop, knew that life itself wasn't over, but yet knew that an era was suddenly, prematurely slammed shut. 20 years later, many of us still carry a sense of deep loss and can easily be overwhelmed by bitersweet memories.

I don't know much about OneDirection, but I do know that their fanbase is comprised primarily of pubescent girls--emotional maelstroms of epic proportion. I'm certainly not comparing music, talent, or anything other than fan-connection or fan-devotion (and not quite comparing that per se, just drawing on similarities).

So knowing the intense ache of the loss of a musician who never knew my name, loss of such a loss of joy in my life, loss that reaches to the core of 'self', I can understand (though not agree with, etc.) how a girl (or girls) in a turbulently emotional phase of life, perhaps also afflicted with some degree of depression or other threatening mental disease, could end up considering suicide over the loss of a band that many others just shake their head at or superficially disparage.

I certainly hope it's not the case, but far be it from me to minimize someone else's sense of loss over music, whether a permanent loss or just the loss of a band's current formation. 'The music never stops', though true, does nothing for the pain.

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