why did this terrible conflict have to happen

Andrew Dice Clay Visits. 04/26/06. 7:45am

Howard said that the last time Dice was there, they had a great time. After the show Dice was leaving but Benjy did something kind of odd. He said that Benjy asked him if he could kiss Dice on the lips so Howard told him not to do it. He asked him not to do it but Benjy went out and did it anyway. Benjy went out, told Dice what a fan he was and had ''a moment'' with him and then went in for the kiss. Dice said he doesn't know Benjy and he has no idea how lucky he is that he's still there.

Benjy kept telling Dice that they had a moment but Dice didn't find it funny. He said he went back to L.A. and had people asking him why he let this guy kiss him. Dice asked Benjy if he ever got a feeling that he wanted him because he sure wasn't interested in his big fat ass. Benjy was stuck in his ''shtick coma'' and kept up the story about how they had a moment in the green room. Dice was really pissed at him and the two of them were going back and forth arguing with each other. Howard had to cut them off and tried to explain to Dice that he could never have a real conversation with Benjy.


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