How do I help my 6th grade daughter deal with bullies calling her a “furry?”

My daughter is going through the same thing, she just turned 10. It's really hard for me. I'm autistic, I wasn't diagnosed until I was almost 40, and I used to also love pretending to be an animal and drawing animals, I've always liked animals and had pets growing up. My daughter asked my mom for a pair of wolf ears and tail to wear to school because another 4th grader in her class has been wearing them, and this girl is popular. However, my daughter has been wearing them since monday, and every day she's getting bullied by random kids throughout the day. It's really making me angry. I have an appointment set up to talk to her teachers on Monday. She's in an IEP class and has some neurodivergencies, we are in the process of getting her screen for autism. She does have ADHD and anxiety, I'm a single mother and her father abandoned us when she was only three.

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