Doctor Who 12x00 "Resolution" Post-Episode Discussion Thread

What I'm saying is that ones opinions is entirely subjective but every work has an objective element to it. On the subjective level one can like/dislike things or it's message or another million things.

On an objective level things aren't like that though. There is a way to look at things. I'm not saying my opinion is better than anyone else's, I'm just listing objective things about the episode which make it not that good such as it's tone or it's lack of action.

I'm saying that although one may have enjoyed it which is perfectly valid, it's quality still isn't that good even by who standards.

Most of that of no one caring about Ryan's dad was hyperbole I'll admit. But I still doubt any kids cared about it and they are a large base of the fandom. It's can make great television for adults but for a kid they more want like that action, that momentum.

All the episodes you listed are great. And the thing with those is the drama is part of the episode, it makes sense. Like Father's day is a great example, the monster and drama are linked in a great way. Here however there is no real link between the two. If we cut either the monster or the drama out we don't lose much.

If the drama and monster were connected is some way then this episode would have made more sense tonally. Because then these two very different plotlines would be connected more clearly.

The doctor used a supernova but then Ryan talked to his dad to fix the problem.

When was the last time we got a scene where the doctor and her companions ran away from a monster? If anything like that happens we cut away and never see it. When has exiting music played as some exciting plan took place this season? Has there been moments where theres lot of yelling and action going on? I can't think of any moment like that at all. There is to me an undeniable thing where there is less action than before.

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