Does it have a different name if you believe in god as a spirit or an ‘imaginary friend’ instead of thinking as him as an psychical creature?

OK I’m a Roman Catholic but i don’t think this is true. We do not believe in a man on a cloud OP.

I’m gonna put aside the trinity for a sec, let’s just focus on God the father. It seems to me Christianity makes every attempt to not anthropomorphize him. He’s referred to in all sorts of enigmatic ways. I don’t think he’s a man on a cloud at all.

Read the first chapter of the Gospel according to John OP. You’ll see what i mean. God the father is a mysterious entity, something like “perfect beauty knowledge and truth” that we talk about like a person because we don’t have the intellectual/mental capacity to understand or grasp the fullness of what He is - he is NOT a man on a cloud, in the view of some christians.

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