I don't want to fight you, I don't even know you!

I dunno, instead of asking yourself why mma fighters dont wear shirts you should ask why it isnt in a soldiers hand to hand combat training to remove his shirt.

As prior Army infantry. Because if you're at that point, odds are it's too late and you're just fighting out of desperation. They also teach you multiple ways to use the other persons shirt by grasping their collar with crossed arms to effectively choke and kill them. Also, before the revamped hand to hand combat training, you were told straight forward "if you know how to fight, fight your way, this is basic shit that if used improperly will get your ass kicked". So nice try with that one, been there done that kiddo.

If you are in a fight where you expect your enemy not to play fair you are not gonna give him an opportunity to strike while you take your shirt off do you

If you know you're going to get into a fight, it takes all of a tenth of a second to take off a shirt. Hell, I've dodged a sucker punch, hit him square in the chin, had my shirt off and was throwing an uppercut before he recovered from the first jab.

Imo its mostly intimidation

Your opinion is exactly that. However, these are absolute facts that I'm telling you. Ever watch hockey? Ever watch a hockey fight? Ever see how many times someones shirt gets pulled over their head to blind them? I've seen it happen thousands of times in hockey, hundreds of times in street/bar fights/brawls. Yeah, it's "intimidation" to take off your shirt so you don't get blinded, or choked out by your own shirt, or used as a way to fling you around so you lose balance.

I think in sports its just to prevent injury and unfair moves

Um, you just posted an entire paragraph disagreeing with me... then you just fucking agree with the exact premise behind taking off your shirt in a fight. You're flipping back and forth worse than a politician.

You honestly don't know what you're talking about. I tried to inform you, but you refuse logic and understanding at all costs.

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