EA Knows how to make a PC Trailer

Just sent them an email. I am beyond excited.

Christmas of 1997. That is the year 8 year old me received a PlayStation 1 and Need for Speed 2. I had been gaming since around the age of 5 but my mind was absolutely blown by that game. My older brother and I played for hours and hours having more fun than I can put into words. We had just moved and it was the only gift we got that year because money was tight but somehow my parents pulled it off.

Fast forward to Christmas of 2003 (and many NFS games in between) and we got Need for Speed Underground. Playing that and the later sequel with my brother was some of the absolute best times I've ever had in my life. We were so engrossed with those games, taking turns and customizing our cars, hours just ticked away like minutes.

Since then he's moved away and had kids, I have a kid of my own and we still play games when he has the time. One thing that has been missing though, is a game that is accessible to us both where we can relive the good times. NFS games since Undergound II just didn't have that little something that made them special (to us). I just finished watching the PC reveal trailer for NFS and I think it's safe to say, I've found it after all this time.

I cannot wait for him to watch it and get excited as much as I am. I've also been reading the Game Update posts and it seems like the team is incredibly dedicated to the community and adding content in the right areas. I know my brother will buy the game just because of the ability to buy and modify the Fox mustang (he's had 2).

Those games were such pivotal moments in our gaming careers, I cannot wait to get back into the drivers seat.

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