Even though I'm happy I don't think life is worth it.

If I understand you correctly, you say that life isn't worth it because it's exhausting, takes too much effort and there are no reasons to keep going. In turn if that's the truth then suicide a viable option to this problem. That's true in a sense. If you don't want to wait to die and you want to stop living suicide is the most effective way to do so.

But this is a philosphical debate and this is not the place to debate the wether suicide is okay or not, I will however have my say in it.

Life is different and complicated and hard at most times. Life is special. Death is nothingness. You were nothing before you were born and you are nothing after you are. And we know roughly how old this world is so you and me here alive is a pretty big deal. Especially if you think really deeply about everything what has happend and is happening.

Suicide doesn't happen alot if you look at world numbers. It's happening alot more than it used to be but it's an anomaly. Everyone else is going on just fine except those few who just aren't able to fit in life or experience life in a for lack of better words positive way. To me that means that suicide shouldn't happen. Someone is ill and that illness leads to suicide. It's unlogical for an animal to kill itself knowing life is about living.

Life is life. In the great of all things it means nothing. But zoom down and it means moving on. Experiencing alone and together. Stars are born, grow, die (explode) and with the scattered residue new stars are born. In our lives it's almost the same. People are born, they grow, they make new people, they die and the new people take over and do the exact same thing. I'm sorry but I have to stop here because I have work to do and I wish I could write more but it's just too big of a subject I can tackle alone.

in short:

  • life is special and thus should be experienced fully as you would enjoy that TV or meal you bought.

  • suicide is an anomaly and to me a disease that's cureable or solveable in a way people can enjoy life as others do

-life is keep going and doing reproducing and enjoying it while you do it

To quickly talk about your opinions:

  • if life is too much effort find out what takes too much effort. Life is a big term for other subjects. Work? Health? etc. look for ways to improve your 'life' to it becomes effortless.

  • being alive is exhausting? It's the only thing you need to do. You use a vague term and I do not understand what you mean by that.

  • we have to keep going with living. If we all committed suicide wouldn't it be sad that we stopped existing after all ancestors of ours keep going? I'd rather continue building that future for others who will come after us.

Find reasons to like being alive. Yeah wrap your ahead around that one. I'm trying to figure out too what makes me tickle so that I keep saying ''you know... I actually like this thing called life, wish I had more time to experience it.''

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