Ex-Auschwitz guard Reinhold Hanning, 95, dies year after being convicted

Vast majority of my family was killed in the Holocaust and on the battlefield fighting the Nazi's.

I think it's worthwhile to convict all Nazi's no matter their age because too many have escaped justice so I'm glad he was found out and convicted like the rest. I don't celebrate their death, I celebrate the work done to convict them to get some - any - justice for their victims.

That said, I look forward to the future since time will eventually kill all those responsible who are still free. Sadly, it'll also kill their surviving victims and then memory of this will fade with centuries. Thankfully we have pictures, video, and personal testimonies of the atrocities and hopefully we'll keep the Holocaust deniers at bay.

The largest tragedy of all is if we forget that these events happened and that we'll once again turn a blind eye to them in the same way we've been turning a blind eye to what happened in Yugoslavia, parts of Africa, and Middle East that are happening right now. We even have video of these people proudly killing people en masse and it's posted in HD. Our actions seem to be muted in response while the death toll rises.

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