Fake a glove touch - get karma

Yeah. I know that I was no star pupil but I felt I was a better person that the guys who would deliberately pair up with a new guy and work them over.

I guess because I don't invoke warrior spirit or whatever that I'm worse than the guys who take pride in trying to get the guy they worked over to never come back.

I spent a while getting worked by those guys. Ended up stopping rolling because a couple guys like to put the over 6 footer (me) into holds to show they're way better than me. Like no shit my dudes, I've never rolled. That never really stopped, and I can deal with a beating if they at least tell me something to work on but that didn't really happen, so I just stuck to the kickboxing.

So once that slowed down, I liked the workout and knew I wasn't going to take up the fight scene. So I decided I'd clown a bit, and try to keep the heads up for guys who were getting the shit kicked out of them every session. Some of these were just young guys who wanted to learn how to throw a punch, they didn't need to risk concussions #in a fucking sparring session#. If you're going for a win or loss in sparring, you're as big a dick as these guys think I am.

Hopefully I kept a few guys in there to counteract the apparent damage I've done to the sacred dojos.

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