I was falsely accused of rape.

Wanting the freedom to attack an alleged rape victim's character without consequences and pushback isn't the answer either.

You filled in a lot of blanks there by yourself.


Here's something to consider, even though I think you're not listening. A false rape accusation requires "malice aforethought" just like first degree murder. Strange that we don't seem to care about that. We let people do something that they need to plan out, resource, and then execute. They need to decide to recklessly disregard the value of another person's life, and we give them additional chances to keep doing it if they mess up.

Remember, the person accused is innocent, they're the victim.

The criminal is the one making the false rape accusation. There doesn't even have to be physical contact. They don't even need to know each other.

You are giving this person a lot of power and not asking for much in return.

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