A fan attendee at Wales Comic-Con, a couple months ago, spoke to Colossus himself, Stefan Kapacic, and was told from him that Deadpool 3 starts shooting next year and that Colussus will be back in the movie.

I genuinely met Stefan a few years back at MCM London and he straight up told me he’d be returning in the (then) upcoming Shadowcat movie, providing mo-cap as well as voice acting but also playing him in human form! My friend and I were genuinely speechless, actors are very secretive about that kind of stuff, he hadn’t been announced as part of the cast at the time (and we also hadn’t even asked; I’d said something about him being the voice actor and he quickly corrected me that he also did the mo-cap, and would be again etc!) Honestly we walked away debating that if we put it on the internet for 15 mins of fame then this might not go well for him from the studio. Good to know Reddit would have thought it was lies anyway, but also I feel like it’s safe to say this now that the Shadowcat movie is no longer happening.

He was a nice guy, I asked him to write “house blowing up builds character!” on my autograph, then both he and I proceeded to google whether the line was ‘mansion’ or ‘house’ because neither could remember

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