FAQ - Where do you meet people?

I’m 33 year old female currently living in LA but have moved a lot for work and found myself single after a 5 year relationship ended 3 years ago and IMO the best and most successful way to meet people is through friends and friends of friends. Ask your friends significant others if they have any single friends they think you’d like, say yes to social invites, meet friends through friends and expand your social network as much as you can I know it sounds cliche and probably easier said than done for some people but I never felt the the need to use a dating app and went on so many dates when I was single for 2 years between 31 -33 because i literally just relied on the people I already knew and said yes to social events where I could meet friends of friends which almost always led to meeting someone who knew some guy that was single they thought I’d like and introducing me….My boyfriend now was a co worker of an acquaintance I knew from college who I met at our mutual friends birthday party

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