Feeding babies on a schedule as opposed to on demand. What are the benefits? What are the drawbacks?

From what I understand, they are waking the baby (who is back to birth weight plus) every two and a half hours. Unless the baby wakes up before that. So, it is a combination of demand and schedule.

When I asked questions about the plan, I was told that this on schedule feeding is something that has been around for years, in fact books have been written on it, and when the baby goes to daycare and mom goes back to work, the baby will be sleeping through the night.

My questions and concerns are many. The supposed benefit of the baby sleeping through the night would, in most cases, happen anyway with on demand feeding after three months. The drawbacks are very stressed parents rushing around to wake up the baby to keep him on on schedule. What I see is a baby who isn't ready to get up. In every picture of the poor thing, his eyes are closed, his face is all red from crying, and he looks very stressed and unhappy. They have to take his top off so he will stay awake. They wash his face with cool water to keep him awake. The parents are just as stressed. The mother can't get enough sleep so the father is taking the baby after every feeding and doing the diapering, washing, and playing. The father is also trying to work during the day and threw up from stress yesterday.

How in the world is this better than letting the baby stretch out his naps to when he is awake and hungry. Then no more struggles to keep him awake. No more hour feeding sessions because he isn't hungry or awake, no more cold clothesless spells or cold washcloth. Not to mention the tyranny of the clock.

And not just the physical stress. What are we teaching this baby? Eat even though you aren't hungry? You have no control over your world? Your parents won't let you grow as you would like, instead you have to do what the clock dictates.

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