The First 7 Games Of 2021: 2-5 = “FIRE IME”

I’ve learned from this subreddit that us playing poor defense and losing is actually a good thing. Only thing that should make us feel better is an 0-7 start, then we could really say, relax, it’s still early, we’ll be fine.” Good thing the majority of this subreddit has taught me is that it’s not a big deal because we don’t have Rob, because once we get him back, he’s guaranteed to not get injured again on his clearly not shaky knee. Also, because we made the Finals last season, we’re guaranteed to make it again, even with an inexperienced head coach, so again, no need to be concerned. Can’t blame Joe, because Joe was out in a bad position position having to take over a team right before camp, despite never being a head coach in the NBA. There was nothing Brad and Wyc could have done, once they decided to suspend Ime, they were forced to hire Joe, not go out and do their due diligence and find a qualified head coach. They too are blameless. Guess it’s our fault as fans for daring to ask questions. Nothing to see here, just everything going according to some magical plan where it’s all going to work out and be fine.

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