Flushed 1000$+ of drugs

OMG hahaha.

Honestly I was tripping on a golf course and my iPhone went into a lake - easier to say beach. On this occasion I took 800ug of the best LSD available (#1 LSD seller on DNM's and is in my country AUS!) which I had taken before and simply didn't trip all that much. It was probably ten hours of absolute confusion between the hours of 9pm to 7am - for example, I circled my car for ~20 minutes trying to open all the doors so many times and forgot how to get into my car, keys were gone too. When I had absolutely lost the plot and couldn't even think about anything inside my head, I just went for a walk cause I thought it was going to be my last night alive for some reason and I was going to die or go to prison. I went to some park that was so overexposed but looked like an incredibly junkie place and hung out there by myself at like 3am on a weekday and then went walking down the middle of a main road, by myself. There was an actual cop who put his siren on so I sprinted to the closest street, and being dumb, I started trying to elbow smash a BRAND NEW fucking Porsche window to get into the car to hide - at the same time, I thought it was my car that I couldn't get into and had to get in someway, so my reasoning was to just smash it now and hide from police rather than getting caught drugged up and smash it later (didn't think you could get it unlocked, haha).

Well that is my shitty drug LSD story. I haven't taken LSD since but last week I took 5 grams of mushrooms and felt pretty much exactly the same thing except probably worse. I was in my house by myself face first just wanting to be dead staring at carpet, hopeless about life and everything. Fuck that was the worst, and I took it because my weed was going to be delivered the day after and I wanted to be on something so I couldn't lessen it. I also took a fuck tonne of benzos from 100mg of temazepam to try sleep and 10mg of Xanax to try stop the fucked up feelings but it didn't dissipate.

My trips are usually always fucked though. I get really dumb every time, but I always push the limit with the amount I take. Then again, the first drug I had even tried (before cigs, alcohol, weed etc.) was fuckin' DMT so I'm kind of weird.

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