The Ford-Kavanaugh Hearings Will Be Remembered As a Grotesque Display of Patriarchal Resentment

What do you identify as? Are you a white male? If you are, the first thing you can do is let all of your friends know how horrible white men are and spread the word you've had enough of them keeping everyone down. Let people know you will no longer allow yourself to succeed as a show of your commitment to feminism and minorities. You are solely responsible for the downfall of our society even though you personally may have no intent to hold anyone back! You are right to feel some blame for your sex and race. White males should have their freedom taken for a couple of years so they can see how everyone else feels. If an opportunity comes up and either you, a minority, or a woman have the ability to seize the opportunity, make sure to back down from it and hand it to the non-patriarch. This will help the cause. White men do not deserve any more opportunities! If you can, without causing too much hardship on yourself, give as much of your time, energy, and money to the cause of justice. If it requires a war on the white male priveledged patriarchy, then so be it. Sacrifice yourself for the cause and then women will respect you. You will have the approval you are looking for from your post for sure. Women and minorities will accept your sacrifice even though we can't accept your patriarchal affiliation. That's how you can help and receive the praise you desire.

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